What are the State Coordinator’s responsibilities?

The official PDGA list is below. However, the Arizona PDGA State Coordinator can be so much more. The SC should be a team builder for all of those who love our sport in Arizona.

  • Represent the PDGA in a positive light and professional manner to members, clubs, agencies, and communities in their state or province.
  • Work with tournament directors and clubs within their state or province and in adjoining areas to schedule PDGA tour and other disc golf events.
  • Serve as state/provincial liaison to the PDGA Tour Manager, in coordinating the tour schedule and in addressing and resolving tour event issues.
  • Collect information, either personally or by delegating to individuals or clubs, for the PDGA Course Directory and the Course Evaluation system.
  • Promote PDGA memberships, and PDGA programs such as the Affiliate Clubs program, tournament sanctioning, Disc Golf Foundation, and EDGE to the members and potential members in their state or province.
  • Provide feedback on the annual Tour Standards to the PDGA Tour Manager.
  • Coordinate state qualification for events such as the USDGC, USADGC, and other qualified-entry tournaments.
  • Vote for and recommend candidates for select annual PDGA Awards.
  • Other duties as determined by the SC’s, the PDGA Board and staff.
  • Provide local and regional demographic information and feedback to various sports agencies statewide (CVBs, Sports Councils, etc.) upon request.

Why should we #ShareTheSport vs. #GrowThe Sport?

'Growing the sport' in my experience is a narrow view that can often lead some to promote disc golf for their own self interests. Sharing the sport of disc golf invites everyone to the table. Sharing our sport encourages what is in the best interests of our local communities. We do not need tribes and cliques in our sport. Sharing disc golf will naturally grow the sport but growth should not be the end all goal. We should strive for a healthy disc golf community that works together.

Should more than one PDGA event happen on the same weekend in Arizona?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Disc golf has grown in our state to the point that we could have PDGA events in Tucson, Fountain Hills, Holbrook and Kingman all on the same week and fill them all up. We can also share the weekend with non-sanctioned events. I would to like to build a team (Team Arizona) and build a process to help facilitate the necessary coordination/communication to pull this off.

The PDGA is not for me. Can I still be involved in the Team Arizona/Share the Sport?

Yes, of course. Sharing disc golf invites all of us to be involved. The PDGA is not a flawless organization. Remember the Turbo Putt? Thankfully they corrected that mistake. The 2018 rules revision is a step in the right direction. I believe the Arizona PDGA State Coordinator position can be a voice for all Arizonans within the PDGA. Who wants to see mini disc golf rules formalized and events sanctioned? I also commit to serve no more than 3 terms. Sharing the sport also means sharing this role. That means someone else will soon be up next on the tee and that could be you.

"Don't wait to join a movement. A movement is just a bunch of people making moves. Be a movement. Figure out what your next move is going to be, then make it. No one is remembered for what they only planned to do." Bob Goff